Simple DIY Hacks To Improve Your Home

Home improvements do not have to be hard time consuming or cost a small fortune.  If you have a little know how and are a do it yourselfer you can easily restyle your home and create a personal space easily.  Some home improvements can even increase the value of your house.  Here are some easy DIY projects you can do this weekend. 


Start with easy outside fixes. 

Stand outside your house and look at it from across the street.  Curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers look for if you’re thinking about selling your house.  Painting the door a bright cheerful color is an easy project that takes only a few hours.  Installing new house numbers or painting them to coordinate with the door can give the front of your house the pizzazz it needs.  Also look at the trim around the house.  This may take longer but a cohesive look is a strong seller.  Maybe you don’t need a paint job at all. Renting a pressure washer and spending the day washing the house can make your house shine like new again. Don’t forget to clean the sidewalks too.


Kitchen updates can be simple.

A clean updated kitchen enhances the value of your home.  Installing a backsplash is a simple project. You can get creative and use any type of material you want to match the décor of the kitchen.  Stainless steel, chalk or magnetic paint and faux tin ceiling tiles and bead board can change the look of the kitchen for little effort and money. While you are in the kitchen, adding new knobs to your existing cabinets is an easy update to go with your new backsplash and will update the overall feel of the room.   If you cabinets need more help then painting then is always a good option.  This can be time consuming and require some patience and skill but the results can be a dramatic and much needed change.  Painting the inside of your pantry with chalkboard paint or contact paper can be a practical design idea. Painting the interior panels makes it easy to leave notes for family members, or even just to remind you to pick up milk!


Bathrooms are another place to add value to your home. 

If your bathroom is small then you can jazz it up by using a bright color when painting, or wallpaper with a bold design.  Changing your faucets and other hardware in the bathroom and kitchen can be a little more expensive but will make the existing features look clean and modern. If this is your first time with a DIY plumbing project be sure to turn off the water valves and follow the directions included in the box.


Fun Fixes.

Another fun fix that will add the personal touch to your home is decorative light switch covers.  If you are artistic, painting a scene or using wallpaper and coating them with a sealant can be a small touch that brings details to the room.



After you have completed your remodel projects in the rooms with carpeting don’t forget to steam clean the carpets.  Renting a steamer and using stain removers according to direction can make your floors look brand new for just a fraction of the cost.


Quick Fix.

Another quick fix is repainting old furniture to give it a fresh updated look. Taking several mismatched pieces in a room and painting them the same color gives them a feel of cohesiveness.


With these quick fixes, a little cleaning and paint, you can transform your house into a showpiece. You can be proud to show your know how to all your friends and neighbors.

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