Stay away from these 5 foods if you wish to lose weight

 Many of us are working to lose weight to regain control of our lives and love the person that we see in the mirror each morning. And even if you are not trying to lose a huge amount of weight, you are probably wanting to keep off the extra weight that usually comes with the holiday season that is fast approaching. I recently took a nutrition class where I learned the best way to eat in order to lose weight and give my body the nutrition that will allow me to maintain my hectic schedule whilst keeping my body performing at an ultimate high. These are the foods that you should stay away from if you want to lose weight or keep the weight off:


1: Frozen dinners and canned foods

The main problem with frozen dinners and canned foods is that the manufacturers add a huge amount of sodium in order to keep the food preserved for a longer period of time. Sodium is needed in your diet but too much sodium will force your body to retain water which will cause you discomfort, bloating, and weight gain. Instead of eating frozen, processed dinners or canned foods choose fresh foods and cook dinner yourself. The nutrition value alone from fresh produce is well worth it.



2: Only carbs

Our bodies burn through carbs the fastest which causes us to be hungry again faster. Choose snacks that are a combination of carbs, protein, and fat in order to give yourself the most nutritional value from your snacking. Proteins burn off the slowest and so will keep you fuller longer.



3: Snack bars or meal replacement bars

We all need fiber and are looking to keep our caloric intake down but you can get the same level of fiber or more with less calories from fresh fruits and vegetables instead of eating meal replacement bars that are high in sugar and low in nutritional value. Nutritionists recommend an intake of 25g of fiber per day, a regular potato has around 8g of fiber.



4: Foods that are touted as “low fat”

Many of us eat a lot more of a snack that has a label reading “low fat” which increases the amount of calories that we are taking in. We still need to intake the same amount of calories per day no matter where those calories are coming from but the “low fat” label convinces us that we can eat as much of that snack as we want to. The other downfall of low fat foods is that they are usually very high in sugar. Health fats are actually good for you in moderation so enjoy!


5: Juice, soda, or alcohol

Any beverage besides water is generally very high in empty calories and does not provide us a lot nutritionally. Juice, soda, and alcohols are high in sugar as well. This causes blood sugar spikes which will eventually lead you to eating more because your body thinks that it is still hungry when you are really not hungry.

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