Top 5 Destinations To Visit Whilst In Asia

If you are visiting Asia you won’t be lost for things to do and places to visit, however the hard task is finding out which are the best. The top destinations to visit in Asia are as follows:


Hokkaidō, Japan

The beautiful snow in Hokkaidō has a powdery feel to it that makes it stand out but that’s not all it has to offer. All year round the beautiful island is filled with mountains and a landscape that will take your breath away and just beg to be explored whether you prefer to walk or cycle. The gorgeous alpine villages have the best fresh seafood around including scallops and crab.  There is now a new bullet train which comes from Tokyo to Hakodate which is the southern port city of Hokkaidō making it easier to get to than ever before. The line is looking to be extended even further so that in future you will also be able to get to Sapporo to see the Asian Winter Games in 2017.


Shànghǎi, China

When you visit Shànghǎi you can be sure that everyone is out to have a great time and will be more than happy to invite you to join them. There is everything from park ballroom dancing to beer craft and who can miss the beautiful skyscrapers that are lit up in neon? If you prefer to see the old Shànghǎi you don’t have to venture far as you can visit the beautiful grand art deco architecture and the latest Disney resort! Shànghǎi Tower has now been completed so you can admire the second tallest building on the plant.


Jeonju, South Korea

If you are looking for preserved tradition then Jeonju is the place to visit. There are numerous beautiful villages with traditional modern villas made from wood with roofs that are upturned and sure to make some great pictures to take home to show friends and family. Stroll through the artisan workshops or stop in one of the many traditional teahouses. Whether you are looking for great architecture, the best traditional food or both you won’t have to look far at all. Even further afield people in Unesco are raving about the food served there and recently named it the City of Gastronomy! One of Koreas most famed dishes the Bibimbap was born here so why not try it for yourself as it was always meant to be. Jeonju is now also bringing in a younger crowd thanks to the street fast food served there too.


Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

For many years the Con Dao Islands have been kept in the dark but now the light shines brightly bringing with it one of the best emerging places to be.  Archipelago has beautiful coral gardens that give you the best diving experience and if you prefer keeping your feet on dry land, then the tropical forests filled with wildlife will definitely keep you enthralled for hours. The coastline has lots of white sandy coves to explore and nearby in the historic town of Con Son you can visit the numerous café bars. If you want something more upmarket then take a trip to the Six Senses resort. Flight connections have been improved to make it easier to visit and chow down on the tastiest fresh seafood your taste buds have ever encountered.

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