Why You Need To Start Meditating and How It Can Improve Your Day

In a world where no one seems to stay still for long, more and more people are incorporating meditation into their lives and reaping the benefits of doing so. It has been known to help increase a person’s spiritual awareness and enrich their consciousness. Contrary to popular belief meditation isn’t just a necessary part of most martial arts and/or some religions; it also has the ability to enrich the lives of everyone.


Benefits of inner peace

If you think of a building pile of paperwork or housework that goes untouched, you can imagine your inner peace in the same way. It collects to a point where the small things amount to a lot of hard work to put right. Think of all the negative thoughts and emotions as clutter that you just don’t need. They take up energy and time by invading your thoughts and making you feel down, which can stop you from working to your full potential. Meditating can help you to clear out the junk (so to speak) that is making you sad, tense and zapping your energy. It’s basically a way to clear out your brain and by regularly maintaining this through meditation it becomes easier to keep on top of problems.


Increasing your self-awareness

Each day a staggering 60,000 thoughts can go through a person’s mind, both consciously and subconsciously. This is something that can be exhausting and takes over your mind space so that you struggle to concentrate on just one thing. Meditation can help you to concentrate on a single though or process, rather than them being just one of many that pop in and out of your head throughout the day. You will be able to engage with the thoughts rather than flit from one thing to another. The more you incorporate meditation, the easier it will become to make sense of the thoughts and make decisions on what you want out of life. This helps to stop you from taking in outside influences that you could regret later on.


Keeping you calm and grounded

When you meditate you are taken away from the physical world and become more of an observer. You are able to observe your own thoughts and feelings and even the actions of others to make sense of them. This stops you from letting your ego rule and brings you in alignment with yourself. In doing so you become more grounded and level-headed, thus are better able to make the right decision easier the first time around.

By being grounded you are able to be present in your own reality, which takes you away from the ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’ moments. This also helps you to stop letting the past affect your thoughts or the possibilities of the future to cloud your judgements.



Increases consciousness

Having your eyes open doesn’t necessarily mean you are fully conscious. By meditating you are able to better be in tune with other people, your surroundings and ultimately the world. Having a better connection will help you to get rid of your lower levels of consciousness so that you are finally able to function at a level of heightened energy. This stops emotions including desire, pride, fear and anger from taking hold of your energy and thoughts.



It is thought that the majority of us have only unlocked around 1% of our brains power. This is what is controlled mostly by the ego and physical self. The rest is subconscious and this is what holds the power. The other 99% is where inspiration is hidden and the solution to problems that arise.  Creativity can help in many aspects of life from career to home and even love life.

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